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  • A4 uv Flatbed Printer

  • Fast Speed DTG Inkjet T shirt Printer

  • 6090 UV Printer with Double XP600 printer Head

  • RFZZ2C UV Flatbed Printer Double XP600 Inkjet Printing Machine With CMYK White Gloss UV inks System

  • Refinecolor Factory Direct Sale High Resolution Digital Flatbed Automatic Uv Led Inkjet Printer Size a3 a2 Uv Printer

  • A3 flatbed uv golf ball printer

  • Digital A3 Flatbed DTG T Shirt Printer

  • Full automatic A3 uv printer phone case printer

About Us

RefIne Color TECH Co., Ltd. was founded in 2015, It is a research and development, production, sales and after-sales service as one of the company. Main products: medium and small format flatbed printer, high precision LED UV Flatbed Printer, printer and other free coating. The equipment can be used in T-shirts, mobile phone shell, food, wood, stone, leather, cloth, metal, glass, crystal, acrylic, PVC, ABS, TPU and other materials surface colour printing, digital printing solutions for various industries advanced. Company R & D and production of universal printer, flatbed printer adopts digital programming, precision infrared scanning, multi - position sensor and high precision parts, to ensure that the printer performance is more stable and more precise positioning! Intruduce our product below: 1. RF-A3UV/RF-A4UV is a kind of "non-contact" ink jet type digital equipment, its application is very extensive. Using the devices supporting the UV ink, in addition to the fabric can't print, almost all other material (mobile phone cover, leather, signs, light boxes, mobile power supply, Flash memory disk, KT board, stone, silica gel, wood, ceramic, crystal, acrylic, PVC, ABS etc.) material can be color printing, finished with scratch resistance, wear resistance, resistance to fade. To achieve a true sense of a seal, no plate, spray dry, a complete color image. 2. Easy operation coffee/Cake Printer with edible ink was manufactured as a homemade printer with economic print head, it is customized for entry-level customers and coffee shops. Easy operation, high printing speed and low cost will attract more clients to come. It will creat more value for you. 3. RF-A3 Flatbed Printer is capable of printing on black, red, white and any color T-Shirts, and other materials,color-printing without silk screen and printing plate. It can accomplish printing white, gradient color picture at once. No color fading and comfortable handle. It accords with the international universal standard and uses green environmental protective inks which completely reach to the highest European quality inspection standard

Latest News

  • February 21 2021

    How to choose a uv flatbed printer with excellent performance

    Which uv flatbed printer is good? It is very difficult for customers who are new to this industry. The main reason: some manufacturers set up several branches and use unused brands; many agents take the equipment of the manufacturer and use a brand after OEM; many manufacturers also have multiple brands, etc., which are now in the market There are about 200 brands of uv flatbed printers. But no matter how the brand changes, the core things will not change, change the soup without changing the medicine. From the following three aspects, users can quickly learn how to judge which uv flatbed printer is better. 1. Look at the core components of the equipment, that is, the nozzle. Ricoh nozzles seem to be available in many companies, but in fact, only three of them are authorized by Japan. Most of the others are domestic motherboards, and the stability of the machine is not good. Our Jingutian is one of the authorized by Ricoh in Japan. The quality and stability of the machine is very good among all customers who have known our machine. 2. See the series with the same name, there will be different types of nozzles. Ricoh nozzles have GH2220, G4, G5, G5S models, and the accuracy and speed will also be different. Therefore, when choosing, understand the machine configuration, what type of nozzle is standard, and choose the nozzle that suits you according to the printing requirements and output requirements of your product. 3. You can go to understand the usage of customers who have purchased uv flatbed printers, and obtain the actual production situation of the machine directly from the customers, which is much more credible than the business tells you. The reputation of customers directly reflects the quality of a brand, and can quickly help you choose a good manufacturer among many brands. For customers, choosing a uv

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  • January 14 2021

    Annual Leave Announcement---Chinese New Year Holidays Notice

    We would like to inform that we will be closed on 18th Jan for Chinese New Year Holiday, and we will resume on 31th Jan. Although we will be accepting orders during this time, all deliveries and inquiries will be on hold until the holiday period is over. About Orders & Shipping All orders received after 5th Feb will be shipped out from 19th Feb.

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  • December 05 2020

    Merry Christmas

    This year's epidemic has been a long-lasting and huge blow to many industries, especially the catering, tourism, and entertainment industries have not yet recovered their vitality, but challenges and opportunities coexist. The impact is that demand is soaring and demand exceeds supply.

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