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Are uv printer, why the price will vary widely

In recent years, because environmental protection is very strict, many manufacturers have replaced the traditional silk screen with uv flat-panel machines, and the market competition has already become hot, so most customers will encounter lower prices and no minimum in the process of purchasing. Many customers who don't know much about the machine will choose a manufacturer with low price. In fact, there is a lot of risk. Although looking at the same product, the price is very different. This is like buying luxury goods, real goods, A goods, and cottage goods prices. It is a far cry, UV flatbed printer is the same reason, its price is related to many factors, mainly reflected in the following points:
1. Different pricing strategies

In order to grab market share, some manufacturers will sell some products with relatively transparent prices to make profits. These popular models may be relatively cheaper.


2. Different circulation links
The company that sells flatbed printers has large manufacturers, small manufacturers, agents, and OEMs. The purchase channels you are looking for are different, and the prices will naturally vary greatly.

3, the production process is different
The same UV flatbed printer, the big brand manufacturers will use higher quality raw materials and accessories, have reliable quality assurance, strict processing management, the speed and precision of the products are better than the small manufacturers, the price will be relatively Higher, the accessories used in the famous uv printer manufacturer RFC machine are imported, and the quality is not questioned.

How to choose the most suitable UV printing device? RFC Xiaobian today will tell you about how to choose UV flatbed printers with different prices. I hope everyone can buy a satisfactory UV flatbed printer as soon as possible.

Optional skills, the nozzle should focus on
The quality of the nozzle determines the accuracy, stability and service life of the UV flatbed printer. It is also the core component that affects the cost of the entire UV flatbed printer. According to the commonly used UV flatbed printers on the market, the nozzles mainly include: Seiko, Ricoh, Kone Card, Starlight, Kyocera, Toshiba, Xaar, Epson and other nozzles. Through our market research, the UV flatbed printers of the EPSON XP600 nozzles, which are widely used in the home decoration industry, are used in the field of advertising production, and the selection of Ricoh nozzles and Kyocera nozzles that require more precise printing results. . Of course, the positioning of each brand of nozzles is different, performance and price are also different. Therefore, in the end, it is still necessary to choose according to the customer's own usage habits, capital budget, and business needs.

Option 2, service is king
The after-sales service of UV flatbed printers is king. When the equipment is in use, especially when it is just beginning to use the running-in period, it will inevitably produce various problems. Therefore, when purchasing the UV flatbed printer, it is necessary to understand the comprehensive strength and reputation of the after-sales service of the manufacturer. For the choice of some small manufacturers, we must be cautious.

Buying skills three, choose a trusted brand
Although many manufacturers can see their UV flatbed printers are similar, but we still have to believe in the power of the brand, especially in the industry with many years of experience, such as RFC has been involved in the UV machine industry for more than ten years, in quality , research and development technology, production technology, application programs and other aspects have a deep foundation, and the after-sales service network in the country is relatively sound, is a good choice.
In short, the purchase of flat-panel printers is not a small investment after all. Once you buy defective products, plus after-sales service and your own business orders are unstable, it will bring harm and cost to the industry you have done. Therefore, please be careful when choosing. I hope that the above points will help you when purchasing machines.


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