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What should I do if the UV flatbed printer is dirty?

The UV Flatbed Printer scale is easy to understand. It is the ruler of the UV flatbed printer. In the whole process of printing, the UV flatbed printer equipment will move back and forth between the carts according to the actual size of the output pattern. On the back side of the UV flatbed printer, there is a sensor. After the computer outputs the printing and printing instructions, the printer head moves out of the initial position. At this time, the grating sensor of the UV flatbed printer senses the above scale to determine the correct one. Print the print interval.
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The UV Printer grating is mainly used for positioning. The interval between the two vertical lines on the grating ruler is a unit size. The moving car moves a number of vertical lines to measure the size and position of the trolley movement. Therefore, The UV flatbed printer can accurately print the surface of the substrate according to the set data.

What should I do if the UV flatbed printer is dirty?

Friends who use flatbed printers often wash and maintain key parts such as nozzles, inks, and handpieces, but it is easy to ignore the scales, which often leads to different results. The function of the grating ruler is described above. It can be seen that if there is dust or dirt on the surface of the scale, the sensor can not accurately sense the above scale, so there is no way to define the moving range of the car, which will lead to the process of the car. The wild horse, like a dislocated horse, is uncontrolled, causing the mobile tablet of the UV flatbed printer to quickly hit the left side of the flatbed printer. It is important to see how dirty the grating ruler is.

In the process of using UV printer, if the grating ruler is found to be dirty, it must be cleaned in time. You can use cotton wool or a dust-free cloth to remove alcohol. Wipe the UV flatbed printer scale from head to tail, remember to follow Wipe in one direction and do not wipe back and forth to ensure the smoothness of the surface. After cleaning the grating ruler, you can clean the grating plate by the way. The position of the grating disk is easy to find. Just remove the two screws on the dust cover to see the grating disk and the grating disk sensor. Wipe gently with alcohol. For cleaning valuables in the printer, it is better to use alcohol to clean, because the alcohol volatilizes quickly and does not stay for too long. This method of operation is less harmful to the machine. If it is used, it is more difficult to volatilize and stay on its surface. Longer time will cause more damage to the machine.

Pay attention to the following points when maintaining the scale:

First of all: Do not use any liquid to clean the cleaning. After disassembling the components, blow off the dust from the large particles, then wipe them with a dust-free cloth or a cotton swab. If the cleaning is not clean, rub the alcohol in the same direction.

Second: In the daily operation process, it is better to keep the ambient temperature at 18 ° C ~ 30 ° C in the independent, clean, low, low light, well ventilated working environment, and the relative humidity is better maintained at 30%~ 70% (no condensation), ventilation is recommended for overhead ventilation fans with a displacement of 600 cfm.

Third: Pay attention to the operation, do not scratch, do not wet, to avoid ghosting in the next printing.

All in all, the environment in which UV flatbed printers work is very important. It is also very important for UV printers to wipe regularly. If the parts on the machine have ink residue or dust, be sure to clean them in time, because when the flatbed printer is always clean, It can extend its useful life and thus bring more benefits.
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