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2018 Shenzhen refinecolor technology UV flatbed printer will increase advertising market


2018 Shenzhen refinecolor technology UV flatbed printer will increase advertising market

According to the latest statistics of Shenzhen Century Alliance Technology Co., Ltd., the advertising market with UV printing technology reached a value of 10.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2015. About 35% of advertising products are printed on UV flatbed printers. Century Alliance predicts that in the next four years, the growth rate of the market will be about 2 times. In 2020, the market value will reach 19.8 billion US dollars.

According to the research report, the use of UV printing technology in advertising in 2016 will show two major trends.

In UV printing, ink jet UV printing will continue to maintain a significant growth rate, gradually surpassing the market share of screen printing in the advertising field; while in product applications, in addition to a large number of products such as signage, UV printing, glass , Tiles, mobile phone shell products will also gradually use UV printing.

Ink jet printing method becomes the company's first choice

From the point of view of printing equipment, UV flatbed printers are now divided into two camps: UV flatbed printers with commercial nozzles (such as Epson nozzles) and industrial flathead UV flatbed printers (such as Ricoh nozzles).

Although in the advertising market, the output of products using Epson nozzles still holds a leading position, the gap between its share of Ricoh nozzles is gradually narrowing, and the proportion between the two will reach a basically flat state in 2017.

The Epson inkjet UV flatbed printer has a good printing effect and is widely used in signage, but its slow speed makes it inferior to the Ricoh nozzle's UV flatbed printer.

UV printing applications accelerate the expansion

In the advertising market application, signage is the first to adopt UV printing. In 2015, its market value accounted for 38% of the advertising market. In the next 4 years, the leading position of signage is not expected to change, but other sectors, such as Home tiles, mobile phone cases, sliding door glass will also become an important market for UV printing equipment.

At present, Shenzhen Century Lianqiang Technology Co., Ltd. is developing new printing equipment to meet the growing demand for new products. Some new equipment has already entered the market, and the other part will be officially unveiled at the 2016 Shanghai International Advertising Printing Exhibition. .

At the Guangzhou Screen Printing Conference held in November last year, Shenzhen Century Alliance Technology Co., Ltd. conducted a questionnaire survey of participants, 33% of respondents believe that UV printing technology still has huge potential to be explored in the field of soft advertising. , 27% of respondents are optimistic about home tiles and mobile phone shell.

With the wide use of variable data printing labels, the UV printing supply chain will gradually be separated from the traditional printing supply chain in 2016, and the trend of producing custom personalized printing will become more and more obvious.

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