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How long does it take to invest in a UV flatbed printer?

With the maturity of UV flatbed printer technology, the scope of its application industry is becoming more and more extensive. Coupled with the country's strict investigation of environmental protection, many silk screen manufacturers have begun to transform into the UV industry. For the investment of UV flatbed printers, everyone is most concerned about How long can I return to this? This is indeed a question that must be considered. It is related to the fact that most people dare not invest in this piece. Today, RFC Xiaobian is going to do the following analysis for how long it takes for different industries to return.
Because the profit ratio of different industries is different, the speed of recycling costs is different, the amount of investment is different, the types and quantities of equipment are different, and the size, model and configuration of uv printers required are different!

Uv printer is suitable for decoration, decoration industry, glass industry, building material furniture sliding door industry, advertising signage industry, exhibition display industry, packaging industry, leather textile industry, etc., uv printer printing materials are wide, flexible media such as: timely post, PVC, reflective film , canvas, carpet, leather, etc.; rigid media such as: glass, ceramic tiles, metal, ceiling, aluminum, wood, door panels, acrylic panels, plexiglass panels, foam panels, corrugated cardboard, etc.

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